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Sophie was so ill it was almost like she’d given up hope…

Laurenne, parent


One of our goals is to ensure that everything we do is created with and for the children, young people, and families that use our services. We typically refer to this way of working together as co-production, and it’s a key element of the way that we design and run all of our services.

Co-production could be something as simple as asking people for feedback, or it can be more involved, like including children and young people involved on interview panels, or helping to redesign the way a service is run.

If you would like to find out more about how to get involved in our co-production workshops, please get in touch.

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When a child or young person becomes ill, the effect on them, their friends and family can be life-changing. It can happen to any of us. With your support we can help more young people and support clinicians and scientists to speed up the time it takes to deliver life changing treatment and care.

Please support our world leading research and clinical care and help transform the lives of children and young people. Please visit Maudsley Charity to donate.

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