New study finds significant numbers have experienced changes to their sleep patterns during lockdown.

June 2020

The study found that young adults, 16-24 years old, are most likely to report changes to their sleep behaviour.

The study is based on 2254 interviews with UK residents aged 16-75, carried out online between 20-22 May 2020. The study also looked at different age groups to examine their sleeping behaviours during the lockdown. Two in five people interviewed reported they’ve slept fewer hours a night on average, with young adults aged 16-24 years old affected the most. Three in 10 people said they’ve slept longer hours but feel less rested. This is also most likely to be reported by younger age groups (44% of people aged 16-24). Taken together, this data shows nearly two-thirds of the UK report experiencing worse sleep since lockdown started. This report also shows that lockdown affects people differently depending on their circumstances, including whether they have financial worries or concerns about coronavirus.

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