Trauma, anxiety, depression

Contemporary childhood

Childhood trauma is a key risk factor for mental health conditions and difficulties across a child’s or young person’s life. Our multi-disciplinary team work with children and young people and mental health practitioners across the UK and internationally.

Our clinical work
We primarily offer assessment and treatment for those who experience severe or treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders and unipolar depression. We also provide second opinion assessments for the diagnosis and treatment of complex trauma, anxiety and depression.

We also deliver clinical training and offer clinical supervision to local teams and schools. We collaborate with the UK government and local commissioning groups to set up and manage public health initiatives related to disasters and emergencies.

Our research
Our research aims to prevent exposure to trauma for children and young people and to reduce its consequences on mental health. Our focuses include methods for measuring trauma, identifying and analysing risk factors and both the biological and psychological mechanisms behind trauma.

We focus on genetic and environmental influences on the development and treatment of anxiety and depression. We aim to identify risk factors and model the processes underlying the development, maintenance and treatment of anxiety disorders, as well as post-treatment relapse.

We are also investigating the best cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) option and to speed up the journey to recovery. This includes looking into new, innovative CBT options, such as computer based interventions, and looking into how to roll these out across schools and other support networks.

Find out more
Read more about our research and key publications here.

Our partnership work
By collaborating with researchers and clinical academic teams our studies can effectively help identify which treatments work for who and why.

Our teams work across our research groups and the National & Specialist CAMHS Clinic for Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression, working with young people and mental health practitioners across the UK and internationally. Together our teams not only assess and treat children and young people but offer clinic support to local support teams. We work with the Government to set up and manage public health initiatives in response to disasters and emergencies.

Our future vision for children and young people
Through the combination of research and clinic work we hope to improve the prevention and treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression and their related complex mental health conditions. We hope to continue building a detailed picture of treatment outcomes, and how these relate to characteristics in people with co-existing physical and mental health problems.

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